Christmas is now only a couple of months away, and whether you’re shopping for Christmas or Birthday presents it’s always handy to have some good ideas for gifts. But rather than buying the same old gifts every year, here are two or three ideas for a few more unusual presents.


First up is the iDuck Floating Wireless Speaker, which is currently available from good online retailers for around £24.99. The iDuck is just like any other rubber duck, if you don’t count the fact that it isn’t made from rubber and it plays your music for you while it’s in the water. It’s fully wireless too, so you don’t need to worry about electric shocks or pulling your iPod into the bath for an accidental swim. One of those great little novelty gifts, the iDuck has a great sound quality and is actually very useful. It works with any MP3 player too, so no matter which brand they’ve gone for, the iDuck will make a perfect gift for a teenage child.


Next on the list is the Photo Frame Clock, a product which has been brilliantly designed. As the name probably tell you, it’s a wall clock, but the difference is this clock features 12 spaces for photos around each of the clocks’ numbers. The clock comes in numerous different colours, as well as several shapes, sizes and designs, so whoever you’re shopping for you should be able to find one to fit.


Finally it’s My Scratch Map, a brilliant wall map that allows you to scratch off where you’ve been. When none of the map has been scratched off, it looks classy and civilised, like it would look perfectly at home hanging in the library. Scratch off the areas you’ve been too however and you’ll find a huge amount of colour and detail. The gold areas of the map can easily be scratched off (using a coin) and would make a perfect choice if you’re trying to find Christmas gifts for a particularly well-travelled individual.


Hopefully that gives you a couple of idea for some more quirky or unique gifts, which will make your loved one smile rather than pretending to like your gift. Spend a bit of time looking online and you’re sure to find something that’s a little bit different but perfect for your loved ones.

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