Despite the name, tux, your prom suit doesn’t have to make you like a villain from the Batman comics. A classic style that is tailored to fit your frame can transform you from that geeky kid in math class into the next Robert Pattinson, at least in your date’s eyes.

Walking into a store for five minutes isn’t going to get you the right tuxedo. A plan is needed.

Begin Early

There should be a couple of tuxedo suppliers in your area you can scout. Living in an urban location should mean you have more choices than your rural cousins. Planning is especially important if you have to drive a distance for your tux, because you will have to make several trips to the shop: once to select the suit, once to pick it up, and a final trip to return it the next day. If you’ve been up all night, this can be quite a hassle.

If you wait until the last minute to get your tux, you might get stuck with whatever is left in the store since they might have a limited selection, so it is important to plan ahead otherwise you might end up with nothing to wear. As an added bonus, some shops offer a discount to early shoppers. If your favorite store doesn’t advertise any specials, ask the salesperson.

Be prepared to pay a down payment when you place your order, as most shops will be expecting them. Some places will only take a credit card, or have specific policies for accepting personal checks. It pays to call and ask the retailer about the terms of rental before you make the trip.

What You Might Have To Pay

For a basic ensemble, a tux rental is a big investment, ranging from fifty to one hundred and fifty dollars or more. The suit, a shirt, a tie, and sometimes cufflinks and a cummerbund should be included in the package. Most deals however do not include the shoes, so if you live in your Nike’s you will also need to invest in a pair of shiny dress shoes or rent them with your tux.

Have A Date? Ask Her for Help

Even if they are not footing the bill of your wardrobe, some ladies like the idea of matching as a couple. Asking advise on how to match your tuxedo with her gown would be one way to keep her happy. This is really more a matter of courtesy today, since most tuxedos today are black, as opposed to the candied pastels of the seventies.
But if you girlfriends insists, one way to match what she is wearing is by making the right choice of tie. For instance, she is wearing a deep lavender gown, more likely than not, it wouldn’t be your color. But a classic black tux with a cool colorful tie is just the ticket. Since prom is a once in a lifetime experience, enjoy it and be safe, what ever tux you may be wearing.

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