Anybody who share sleeping quarters with a spouse ought to pick a dual alarm clock that will allow for each individual’s schedule using a separate wake-up call.

Folks have been making use of alarm clocks to help them get up on time for work and travel schedules since the late 19th century and dual alarm clocks are one of the newest innovations for couples with different wake-up schedules.

When shopping for a dual alarm clock, there are many considerable features to look for to find the greatest style for your specific needs. Fundamental, less expensive models will simply serve like a wake-up device, enabling the user to set two different alarm times.

Among the more deluxe dual alarm clock designs, an individual has much more capabilities which make the unit serve as much more than simply an alarm clock. Some units feature digital AM/FM radios, CD players and also docking stations to charge an iphone or iPod overnight.

Find out if the device provides the option of setting different alarm times for weekdays, every day and week-ends. The most advanced models allow for wake-up to possibly the radio or a pre-set playlist of music.

Depending upon the location where the alarm clock will probably be placed in the bedroom, choose between a battery operated unit or one that must definitely be plugged into an electrical outet. Battery powered models should feature some sort of signal when battery energy gets too low.

A dual alarm clock radio helps make the perfect wedding or perhaps wedding anniversary gift for active couples on the run who would enjoy the convenience of having an alarm clock that offers a separate wake-up signal to each person.

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